Backpacking and Peakbagging

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I can't really put my finger on why I started down the path where backpacking has taken me, but I can tell you this: As a child I spent many unstructured days in the woods near my boyhood home. I was exploratory by nature, and even today I push the limits of my exploration to learn more about our world left untouched.

My adventure has expanded to include more mountains, more distance, and most importantly more people. My family has grown to include my sons Colden and Marshall. Colden has accompanied me to the top of ten 4Kers. At the age of three, he has climbed mountains above 3500 feet. I am also supported by the the internet forums (VFTT, ADK Forum) and my friends, who put up with me despite the challenging routes I often choose.

Northeast Hiking

White Mountains
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