Christopher Perkins

6465 Newland St. Arvada, CO 80003 H: (860) 508-7807 W: (303) 275-4109 |
To obtain an unique software engineering position utilizing the Python Programming Language and Test Driven Development.

Boulder/Denver/Colorado Springs, CO

Software Engineer with 10 years of experience. Diagnostics to Natural Language Interpreters. Has worked on everything from the lowest level multi-tasking assembly on embedded systems to high-level language parsing. Currently heavily engrossed in Python, object oriented programming and test driven development. Lead Developer on Open Source project DBSprockets . Graduated University of Connecticut Engineering in 2002. Expert using Python, C, C++, Java, and LISP.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory Golden, CO September 2007/Present
  • Developed extensible system for storage of constantly changing scientific data.
  • Developed various Plone sites.
Pratt and Whitney East Hartford, CT August 2005/August 2007
  • Developed custom compression schemes for trend data.
  • Migrated CGI web pages to Turbogears Web Framework.
  • Developed low-level hierarchical file data extractor for multiple formats.
  • Implemented Graphing system for monthly reports.
Belcan Corporation for Hamilton Sundstrand Windsor Locks, CT July 2003/August 2005
  • Developed Analog to Digital Diagnostics for multiple Engine Controls (MEF, PHAM, LSF).
  • Created software programs and scripts to increase entire group's debugging efficiency.
  • Worked closely with customer to resolve diagnostic software and hardware issues.
  • Worked with team members, project coordinators, and lab technicians to coordinate resource usage.
Brainhat Inc. East Hartford, CT October 2002/May 2003
  • Developed dynamic XML web interface and Winamp Connectivity for AI interaction.
  • Ported Linux based code to Win32 environment.
Ensatina Technologies L.L.C. Danielson, CT June 2000/January 2002
  • Worked closely with Chief Research Scientist to develop cutting edge AI Interpreter.
  • Enhanced Usability of AI creation by creating prototype Graphical User Interface.
  • Created more realistic human/computer interaction by linking AI to database system.
  • Developed Client/Server interface for AI connectivity.
Various Health Departments New Britain and Hartford, CT September 1997/May 2000
  • Delivered on time and under budget a distributed database solution for the state.
  • Interned with New Britain health department, providing various technical support including installing a network for about 10 computers, installing a Windows NT 4.0 Server and redesigning their entire database system.
University of Connecticut B.S. Computer Science and Engineering September 2002
  • Specialization: Artificial Intelligence, 3D Graphics.
  • Design Projects: Pratt and Whitney PW4000/6000 Fault Code Reader, 3d OpenGL Winamp Plugin.

Languages/Assembly APIs General
  • Python
  • C/C++
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Motorola 603
  • AD Sharc (DSP)
  • LISP
  • Agile Software Development
  • Mac/PC/VMS/VAX/Unix
  • Windows NT/XP/2000/9x/3x
  • Linux
  • Database/Website Design
  • Hardware and Networking
  • Source Control

Climbing Instructor: AMGA Certified Top Rope Site Manager.
Student Pilot: 43.4 Total Hours Flight Time. 5.8 Hours Solo Time.

  • Python and Test Driven Development
  • Project Lead
  • Add on to Turbogears to allow rapid web form generation.
TurboLink Software @ Pratt and Whitney
  • Python and Test Driven Development
  • User Interface created using Turbogears web framework
    (TG, SQLObject, SQLAlchemy, Kid, Cheetah, Genshi).
  • Graphing System and Monthly Reports utilizing ChartDirector.
  • Citect Trend File integration; Citect API hooks for alarm reporting.
  • Low level data manipulation using numpy, BerkelyDB, MySQL.
  • High Speed Compression routines using 7zip, Bz2 and Zlib
JSF Engine Control Diagnostics @ Hamilton Sundstrand
  • Developed in C++ and assembly.
  • Developed for Motorola PPC and Analog Devices SHARC DSP processors.
  • Specialized in Analog circuitry analysis. (EDMS, IDMS, VIBE, ECS, RTD, TM, OLS, LVDT, etc.)
  • Real-time system developed to collect and verify Engine status information.
  • Code developed with cross processor synchronization utilizing DPRAM.
  • Helped Electrical Design engineers to diagnose, and debug problems with IOFPGA (firmware).
Fault Code Viewer @ Pratt and Whitney (while at UConn)
  • Decoded PW6000 and PW4000 FADEC Fault Code data.
  • Developed with a combination of C++ and C.
  • Input file parsed with format file to provide an easy way to change fault code formats.
Kdraw @ Ensatina L.L.C.
  • Developed in Java.
  • Graphical User Interface.
  • Developed in Java with LISP code generation.
  • Aided in development of AI knowledge modeling.
Winamp AI Connectivity @ Brainhat Inc.
  • Developed in C++.
  • Connected to AI engine via TCP/IP.
  • Read ID3 tags from MP3s build relationships in the AI about genres, artists, and songs.
FishAmp @ UConn
  • Developed in C with OpenGL.
  • 3D Fishtank with interactive fish.
  • Fractal plants based on Lindenmayer system.
  • 3D Fish utilizing MD2 (Quake II Engine) modeling scheme.
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